Funeral Services in Your Time of Need
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Funeral Planning & Funeral Home in Ironton, Missouri

White Funeral Home is a family-owned-and-operated funeral home located in Ironton, Missouri, and serving the community for more than 100 years. Planning for a loved ones burial or cremation is a less stressful experience with compassionate assistance at our funeral home in Ironton, Missouri.

At White Funeral Home, we understand it's never easy to lose a loved one, and so we're here to help you through the grieving and bereavement period, making the interment process as soothing and comforting as possible for you. Our experienced, caring, and professional staff is dedicated to providing you with the best services and products available.

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Why Choose Us?
We work hard to ensure that all your needs are met throughout this difficult time of loss. Please call us today for more information about our many service, which include new arrangements and obituaries.

Other Facts about Us
 • Family-Owned-and-Operated Since 1907
 • Served More Than 11,000 Families in Their Time of Need
 • Tailor Services to Your Family's Specific Needs
 • Provide Pre-Need Funeral Trusts

Please call us today for an appointment or for more information about our burial and cremation services and products.

Burial Services & Cremation Services

During your time of loss, White Funeral Home of Ironton, Missouri, would like to offer its sincere condolences. Cremation and burial services from our Ironton, Missouri, funeral professionals give you and your family emotional comfort when you need it most.

We understand how stressful it can be for both you and your family, which is why we suggest prearranged planning for such troubling times. Funeral planning offers a level of emotional and financial security that you can truly benefit from, and White Funeral Home can accommodate all your needs and personal preferences, providing you with precisely what you had in mind.

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Our Available Options

 • Funeral Planning
 • Burial Services
• Cremation Services
• Pre-Arrangements
• Caskets
• Cremation Urns

• Memorial Items

More Services
Our services also include burial service with or without visitation, cremation, and comprehensive consultations to assist you in making prearrangements. We can provide names of area cemeteries, florists, caskets, outer burial containers, cremation urns and vaults, and memorial items that are lasting keepsakes.

For a better planning and approach to your personal grief, give us a call to arrange a proper farewell. It's the first step toward a healthy recovery.